How to Join the NADX Club or renew your membership

All licensed amateur radio operators interested in the pursuit of DX are eligible for membership in the NADXC.

The NADXC By-Laws require that a candidate for Regular membership:  (1) must be a licensed amateur radio operator, and (2) must submit a completed NADXC membership application to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Click here for an application form that you can fill out/print and email.

The application must then be approved by an affirmative vote of at least three-fourths (3/4) of the Regular members in attendance at the regular meeting when the application was presented.

Annual dues for NADXC are currently $15 for individual membership and $20 for family membership.

You may mail a check (with an application, for new members) to the Treasurer, Chris Reed AI4U, 100 Short Gait Circle, Harvest, AL 35749.